Is it possible to hide app errors

If any error in my app happen can i hide the notifier of error?
as i dont want to disturb my users

Need more information

when an error occur it shows dialog that like
unable to get item number 12 of list of size 11 and it shows end appllication button
but i want that if any error occur it dont show dialog
is it possible to hide errors?

i thin no, if you hide error anyway, then app will crash without any error

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Maybe you can catch this error and end the app yourself by coding, but does this help?



No My App Works even if there is an error
So i have no problem

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I will simply send error to my Firebase
But not show it to user and there is no need to close my app as my work will be done​:crazy_face:


Trying to hide errors in your sourcecode is bad programming. It will bite you back eventually. So don’t do that. Try to make your sourcecode error free before releasing.


Actually now there is no bugs in app i fixed every bug
but in case any wrong thing happen then it will be useful for me,as that error message will be saved in my database

I agree
but some Time when I Store value on firebase and create an error than app show this type of message

And app working fine
This type of error usefull for me find error but not usefull for user

That the app “works” doesn’t mean that there is not an error. The error message shows that.


Instead of closing app when error occured , it is better to continue app without showing anything.
Just leave when Screen1.Error Occured empty or use it like this:


Or something similar which does not throws/outputs/shows any result.

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I already did this and send error to firebase

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Today i seen a error occurred
And it is not working!!!:sweat:
I have to Release app

It dont send error to firebase and still shows error

That event does not catches all errors.
Please read its description.

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So what can i do for it?

You are trying to get item at index 0 from an empty list.

This block is actually for executing a value returning method ignoring the returned value.
Something like this


The thing you are saying can be archived just by using the empty event. No need of this block


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I need to hide it!
It is a bug which happen sometimes
But app is working well