Is it possible to make a social app with comment function?

I have made a social media app with Airtable and Firebase Auth for the user system. You can create a post with the title and content. But I am stuck at the comment function cause it is different in different posts. May anyone tell me is it possible to make a social media app with comment function in Kodular?

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Everything is possible.


Yes it’s possible but it required lots of hard work, your time & logic…


If your store comments in the same row/tag, it would be not better, make a different database for comments.


Thanks for your suggestion, but how to link the post with the comment?

Search on community first

To make a comment function, you need to create a node for a post and store comment inside that. See this image for reference:

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

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So should I use mysql or other database?

Yes use relational database such as mysql and expose it with api

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MySql will be better as it’s cheaper and more powerful.

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But is it possible to do in firebase database?

Yes, it is possible in Firebase. Just make a node as shown in the diagram above.

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thank you.

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You are welcome.

Is it like this? Sorry for the language, I don’t know how to change it.

You should go with real time database because Firestore is very expensive and it gives only 50k reads and writes.

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Is it like this?

Yeah. Congrats. :wink:

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Excuse me, may I ask should I save a new project bucket with all these data or save it with a list?