Is it possible to track who won in a ludo match?

Is there any ludo game or api I can use to track who won in a ludo match or how many bead one person has eleminated and returned home…
Can anyone please help me with this?

you have to make your own logic

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I didnt get you…you mean I have to make a ludo game or use logic in api ludo came or webview ludo game…!!

You should use logic to make ludo game

I am really sorry I don’t have so much knowledge to make a ludo came @Enderman or any one please help me with this…

One Think Kodular Or any Mit Distros isn’t For making High Level Game Also With Less Knowledge it is nearly Impossible

Easy but Not Legal Way:-

But if You Search For some html 5 ludo game in google Yoy would find some Url Which you can embed in Kodular’s Webviewer Component

I can do that but how to detect who has won the other thing I wrote about in the top…

First do something If you got stuck Then We would help you we can not create your whole app

You are right I will try thank you

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So I have created some thing and I will explain
Creating an account where I am getting the details like name,gender,username,email Id,phone number,password
Screen 2
I am generating random code other players to join(this will be a online game with 4 players)
3rd screen
I have taken a canvas and I have created a ludo board png

So canvas is the right option or not and also about dice and beads what should I do?

Could You Send Me the Aia Here Or in PM if you have no issues

For Beads Try Sprite with image Blue color yellow color and red color


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Try first offline then online

Even Ludo king In India started with offline
Then slowly With online it is now in no 1

So I suggest You To do offline then slowly online

Will pm you but if you make any progress please share with me and if I make any progress will share with you

No No I am working on my App To be Published Which Has 50 % Left So That you Can ask Helps not To Collaborate

Does any one want to collaborate with me in the project?

How can I move each bead of ludo in the ludo board can anyone please tell me

:heart_eyes: Snake and Ladder game or ludo game aia file

You can use this aia file to understand logic. If you want this aia free then search on YouTube i think it available there.