Is Kodular approval necessary for Facebook Ads?

My app(Monetize) is published on play store. I want to update the app but the Facebook ads are not showing and asking for kodular approval so what should have to do?

if you download app from play store then it will not ask for ads approval, but if you will use apk download from somewhere else, like from kodular, then you have to get approval,

Yeah…But there is no such mention on kodular dashboard as it was before u know.

as we all know we have to publish app to play store so we get approval of ads and if apk is not downloaded from playstore then how it will approved to show ads, (and that must be somewhere in Docs, but i havent read that all Docs)

and here it is, i found that for you,

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Okay…but don’t u think it’s the old one? nd previously, even apk also showing fb ads but not now.

old one but it says all you want ,