Is Kodular Down?

Is Kodular Down? I have a Stable Internet Connection but can’t Open I’ve tried to Restart my PC but Still Can’t Open Kodular.

Anyone having Trouble as mine?


@Peter Please Help me

No, it isnt down.
The servers are running fine, and I can open and use the Creator perfectly fine.

Working for me.

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The works but the doesnt work?

Working fine for me. Try by deleting cache and logout and login again.


May I Know Your Internet speed and Are using VPN @Future_Applications

Never Mention @KodularCreator type @Kodular Then Only Staff Will be Notifed or else Mention Will Go into Blackhole

Nope :slight_smile: . I don’t use VPN

Thank You! It works Great Now! I’ve tried clear cache, Clear Data on Chrome and it works!


Additional Info, If you want like to know the status of Kodular you can Visit Here .

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