Is kodular update sdk to 33?

if kodular update sdk to 33 how i publish my app in google play?

export your project as aab file and upload it to playconsole

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ok thanks but is kodular update sdk to 33 or not?

Yes they did , but the compiler server is offline right now . You have to wait untill it came online .

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No. The question cannot be answered with yes or no. Although the targetSdkVersion has now been set to 33, some of the adjustments for SDK 33+ required by Google have NOT been implemented in the new update. In this respect, the update is incomplete and is definitely not suitable for updating / releasing apps in the Play Store (esp not if storage permissions are used/requested on Android 13+).


you mean that i can’t upload my app in play store although after update sdk 33!

Yes you can upload your app
But you should test your new version before providing it in production to see, if everything still is working


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