Is possible send push notification to each logged user with different time?

i want to make an apps for cancer’s patient , the purpose is to re-telling the user to get a move each 30minutes after logged into the apps

i have make the simple notification using one signal, and this is worked when the user open an apps to get the app id.

But i want to make an admin for make an user, then after user loggin into apps, the schedule started each user.
Can i do this? thank you very much

Try to search on community first

yes i do search my topic before make it.
the result is all about them is manually added a segment(as logged user) to send the message.
what i need is the admin only make a username and pass (with appid) and the user only to login to selection the app id to get push notification.

this is what i need to help, i confused about this.
how to make a user with app id onesignal in app and sent to logged user?

To do so why you are looking for one signal and all… after logged in, every 30min you have to remind only na. So just use firebase, clock and notifier … these three combo alone is enough also you can use background task extension which supports regular notification for particular interval …

use this

ah because my db using mysql before.
can i do this ?
also the user registered into firebase database too?


Can u explain it a little for me?
i mean this is for looping notification right? and how to use it with push notification?

cheak this

thanks this is good option to get the notif with time setting for looping in logged user. and i think i can use a php to check the logged user or use a tinydb.
But does i need a onesignal or something push notif to use this?
and the free version, i did import to my project but what the difference to the paid?
does the blocks?

if the blocks, can i use the free version for my project?
for load notif with video or other screen video?

what difference?

i think version was created later.if you have any question related these extension you can ask on extensions topics.

ok thank you for the reference, ill try it, hope someone give me more tuttorial.
will be back next day after use this one

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