Is possible to autofill one form and send it?

Hello all, I want to know if is possible to fill one form loaded in a webview from an online website and insert data in the fields and send it to the website.
To insert data I mean not the user… I want the app inserts the data and send it automatically.
I was looking the options in kodular but I’m not sure if is possible.
Thanks all

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Yes it is possible


ok, I have look, thank you very much

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ok, I see… using javascript, in kodular can I insert javascript in the webview ?

Yes you can

how, please ?

Using the evaluate js block of the webviewr component… See the kodular docs

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thank you very much

If this is your answer please mark the post as solution

yes, I think is solved, you are very good. Thanks a lot

I don’t know how it is, I check the solution but later I don’t know where is to save it.
Please close it, thanks

I think you forgot to search it in community.

Yes I was searching but I didn’t find it



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