Is there a currency selector extension?

Is there an extension that can help us select currency symbols i.e £, $, ¥, € ?

hey i will try to create a extension for what you want

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Why would you need an extension for that?


Well there are 190 odd countries, asking the user to manually enter the symbol seems quite unprofessional. Also to manually build a system of such size would be time consuming and not worth the effort. A convenient currency selector would be awesome.

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That is awesome, thank you. Let me know, when you’re done.

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yes but many countries have same symbols

There would be 190, if you used the three letter abbreviation.

wait you want a country selector with only symbols right??

API + web Component

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yes, this will be best option…

If you quote your query correctly in the first post itslef, you may get solution soon @Vinayrev

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Yes, there is already an extension, which has alpha-3 symbols (USD, AUD).

so far I haven’t found a extension that offers currency symbols ($, €) upon entering your country.

However if you could integrate both currency symbols ($, €) and Alpha-3 codes (USD, EUR) in the extension, it would be great. It’s your choice.

This won’t work offline.

But you expect an effort from someone else. Maybe you can hire to make it for you. I can always change the category to market request.

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Common Currency Codes in JSON · GitHub you can use this json


Good find. :+1:

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Thank You Peter

Maybe you should read the query once again, I didn’t ask or request him to build one, he volunteered and came forward to do it.

My question wasn’t an extension request, but to find a existing one, I can’t stop or force someone to building something, if they’re volunteering for it, it’s their noble work for the community.

Also you can try this, if you are strong in JSON. else use kevin auto complete box (to show the list in offline), But you need to insert all the text as a list in the global variable…

No, it does not exist. There are other options.

It’s the Alpha-3 currency. USD, INR, GBP. There’s an extension already that does this exact thing.