[Extension] CountryInfo: Get Some Information About Any Country

1. Introduction

Extension name: CountryInfo
It is an extension that can be used to get some information about any country. It works offline.

Latest Version: 1
Released: 2020-07-05T17:35:00Z
Last Updated: 2020-07-05T17:35:00Z

2. Blocks

CountryInfo Blocks

3. Documentation


There’s only one event currently.

  • GotInfo
    Event raised after ‘GetInfo’ method with all the info about the country with provided dialing code (country code)
    name ~ text (Name of the country)
    capital ~ text (Capital of the country)
    alpha2 ~ text (Alpha-2 code of the country)
    alpha3 ~ text (Alpha-3 code of the country)
    currencyCode ~ text (Currency code of the country)
    currencyName ~ text (Currency name of the country)


There’s also only one method currently.

  • GetInfo
    Gets the information of the given country code
    countryCode ~ text (e.g. +1 for US)
    Returns the info in ‘GotInfo’ event.


  • Name
    Returns the name of the country
  • Capital
    Returns the capital of the country
  • Alpha2
    Returns the alpha-2 code of the country
  • Alpha3
    Returns the alpha-3 code of the country
  • CurrencyCode
    Returns the currency code of the country
    Currency Code
  • CurrencyName
    Returns the currency name of the country
    Currency Name

NOTE: Properties will return value after calling ‘GetInfo’ method.


AIX File

Link 1: com.fahad.CountryInfo.aix (41.7 KB)
Link 2: com.fahad.CountryInfo.aix - Google Drive

AIA File

Link 1: CountryInfo.aia (415.0 KB)

APK File (Demo)

Link 1: CountryInfo.apk (5.3 MB)

5. Credits

I would like to say thank you to @vknow360 for a lot of time and guidance. :heart_eyes:
Thanks to Kodular team for such a great platform.
Data collected from https://www.nationsonline.org/ (mostly) and :google: Google.

6. Note

Due to huge amount of data, there may be something missing or if you found any wrong information, please let me know.
Thank you! :heart:


Great work.

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Good work.keep it up​:metal:

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Nice extension :smirk_cat:

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Thank you all! :heart:

Well done. Good extension. :pray:

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Nice extension!

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great extension. :grinning:

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Nice Extension :ok_hand:

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Nice extension :grinning:


Amazing extension

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Thanks for that extension. Excellent job!

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Thanks everyone!

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C’mon people show some love by liking the post. :heart: :blush:


Hello, @FahadAhmad from where you get the country flags.

Edit: Got it :grin::grin:

Nope, I used Deephost’s Country Code picker extension in demo app to get country code and flag.

This can also be used:

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The Dominican Republic and Canada have a conflict.

Use the same code, which means that if I choose RD shows me the Canadian flag, which creates confusion

Actually, there’s a problem in Deephost’s Country code picker extension. It returns +1.
My extension takes country code as input.
For countries whose country code starting with +1, you have to pass complete code as input.
Like for:

The Dominican Republic, use +1829


How many countries does it support ?

:+1: Nice Work!


Almost every country that have their own country dialing code.
I’ll try to compile a list of all available countries.