Country Code Picker | Fully Customizeable

Hello Everyone…
I have created a fully customizeable country code picker that you can use very easily in yuor projects along with Firebase Authentication component to add phone number authentication system. This method uses a Json file which is about 27 kb.

The Json File contains
1. Country Name
2. Country Flag
3. Country Code (calling code)

The Json file is included in the assets so you can download it and customize it according to your needs.

Note: I have edited the Json file that was officially provided by AccessGateLabs on GitHub.
Link to official file : View on GitHub

The images in the original file were in svg format so I replaced all svg image urls with png format images link. The flag images used in the project are provided by CountryFlags.
View Country

The flag images are in two themes :

  • Flat 32 (1)
  • Shiny 32

App ScreenShots

Download App : CountryCodes.apk (5.2 MB)
Download AIA : CountryCodes.aia (22.0 KB)
Download Json File : Google Drive

It would be great if someone converts this method into an extension.


Nice guide :+1:

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Nice, Guide keep it up. :v: :v:

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Nice guide @zainulhassan! Keep up the good work :+1:

There’s already an extension available by Deephost:

@FahadAhmad I have seen alot of post in the community that state that extensions from Deep Host are vulnerable and should not be used in projects.


Nope, they are preety good and unique.

The only issue is he dosen’t give support for his extensions.


@themaayur He can make his extensions more unique and powerful if he pulish his extensions in community


Firebase Phone Authentication supports 193 countries for verification
Source: Firebase FAQ

Json List of countries


“AD”: “Andorra”,
“AE”: “United Arab Emirates”,
“AF”: “Afghanistan”,
“AG”: “Antigua and Barbuda”,
“AL”: “Albania”,
“AM”: “Armenia”,
“AO”: “Angola”,
“AR”: “Argentina”,
“AS”: “American Samoa”,
“AT”: “Austria”,
“AU”: “Australia”,
“AW”: “Aruba”,
“AZ”: “Azerbaijan”,
“BA”: “Bosnia and Herzegovina”,
“BB”: “Barbados”,
“BD”: “Bangladesh”,
“BE”: “Belgium”,
“BF”: “Burkina Faso”,
“BG”: “Bulgaria”,
“BJ”: “Benin”,
“BM”: “Bermuda”,
“BN”: “Brunei Darussalam”,
“BO”: “Bolivia”,
“BR”: “Brazil”,
“BS”: “Bahamas”,
“BT”: “Bhutan”,
“BW”: “Botswana”,
“BY”: “Belarus”,
“BZ”: “Belize”,
“CA”: “Canada”,
“CD”: “Congo, (Kinshasa)”,
“CF”: “Central African Republic”,
“CG”: “Congo (Brazzaville)”,
“CH”: “Switzerland”,
“CI”: “Côte d’Ivoire”,
“CK”: “Cook Islands”,
“CL”: “Chile”,
“CM”: “Cameroon”,
“CO”: “Colombia”,
“CR”: “Costa Rica”,
“CV”: “Cape Verde”,
“CW”: “Curaçao”,
“CY”: “Cyprus”,
“CZ”: “Czech Republic”,
“DE”: “Germany”,
“DJ”: “Djibouti”,
“DK”: “Denmark”,
“DM”: “Dominica”,
“DO”: “Dominican Republic”,
“DZ”: “Algeria”,
“EC”: “Ecuador”,
“EG”: “Egypt”,
“ES”: “Spain”,
“ET”: “Ethiopia”,
“FI”: “Finland”,
“FJ”: “Fiji”,
“FK”: “Falkland Islands (Malvinas)”,
“FM”: “Micronesia, Federated States of”,
“FO”: “Faroe Islands”,
“FR”: “France”,
“GA”: “Gabon”,
“GB”: “United Kingdom”,
“GD”: “Grenada”,
“GE”: “Georgia”,
“GF”: “French Guiana”,
“GG”: “Guernsey”,
“GH”: “Ghana”,
“GI”: “Gibraltar”,
“GL”: “Greenland”,
“GM”: “Gambia”,
“GP”: “Guadeloupe”,
“GQ”: “Equatorial Guinea”,
“GR”: “Greece”,
“GT”: “Guatemala”,
“GY”: “Guyana”,
“HK”: “Hong Kong, SAR China”,
“HN”: “Honduras”,
“HR”: “Croatia”,
“HT”: “Haiti”,
“HU”: “Hungary”,
“ID”: “Indonesia”,
“IE”: “Ireland”,
“IL”: “Israel”,
“IM”: “Isle of Man”,
“IN”: “India”,
“IQ”: “Iraq”,
“IT”: “Italy”,
“JE”: “Jersey”,
“JM”: “Jamaica”,
“JO”: “Jordan”,
“JP”: “Japan”,
“KE”: “Kenya”,
“KG”: “Kyrgyzstan”,
“KH”: “Cambodia”,
“KM”: “Comoros”,
“KN”: “Saint Kitts and Nevis”,
“KR”: “Korea (South)”,
“KW”: “Kuwait”,
“KY”: “Cayman Islands”,
“KZ”: “Kazakhstan”,
“LA”: “Lao PDR”,
“LB”: “Lebanon”,
“LC”: “Saint Lucia”,
“LI”: “Liechtenstein”,
“LK”: “Sri Lanka”,
“LS”: “Lesotho”,
“LT”: “Lithuania”,
“LU”: “Luxembourg”,
“LV”: “Latvia”,
“LY”: “Libya”,
“MA”: “Morocco”,
“MD”: “Moldova”,
“ME”: “Montenegro”,
“MF”: “Saint-Martin (French part)”,
“MG”: “Madagascar”,
“MK”: “Macedonia, Republic of”,
“MM”: “Myanmar”,
“MN”: “Mongolia”,
“MO”: “Macao, SAR China”,
“MS”: “Montserrat”,
“MT”: “Malta”,
“MU”: “Mauritius”,
“MW”: “Malawi”,
“MX”: “Mexico”,
“MY”: “Malaysia”,
“MZ”: “Mozambique”,
“NA”: “Namibia”,
“NC”: “New Caledonia”,
“NE”: “Niger”,
“NF”: “Norfolk Island”,
“NG”: “Nigeria”,
“NI”: “Nicaragua”,
“NL”: “Netherlands”,
“NO”: “Norway”,
“NP”: “Nepal”,
“NZ”: “New Zealand”,
“OM”: “Oman”,
“PA”: “Panama”,
“PE”: “Peru”,
“PG”: “Papua New Guinea”,
“PH”: “Philippines”,
“PK”: “Pakistan”,
“PL”: “Poland”,
“PM”: “Saint Pierre and Miquelon”,
“PR”: “Puerto Rico”,
“PS”: “Palestinian Territory”,
“PT”: “Portugal”,
“PY”: “Paraguay”,
“QA”: “Qatar”,
“RE”: “Réunion”,
“RO”: “Romania”,
“RS”: “Serbia”,
“RU”: “Russian Federation”,
“RW”: “Rwanda”,
“SA”: “Saudi Arabia”,
“SC”: “Seychelles”,
“SE”: “Sweden”,
“SG”: “Singapore”,
“SH”: “Saint Helena”,
“SI”: “Slovenia”,
“SK”: “Slovakia”,
“SL”: “Sierra Leone”,
“SN”: “Senegal”,
“SR”: “Suriname”,
“ST”: “Sao Tome and Principe”,
“SV”: “El Salvador”,
“SZ”: “Swaziland”,
“TC”: “Turks and Caicos Islands”,
“TG”: “Togo”,
“TH”: “Thailand”,
“TL”: “Timor-Leste”,
“TM”: “Turkmenistan”,
“TO”: “Tonga”,
“TR”: “Turkey”,
“TT”: “Trinidad and Tobago”,
“TW”: “Taiwan, Republic of China”,
“TZ”: “Tanzania, United Republic of”,
“UA”: “Ukraine”,
“UG”: “Uganda”,
“US”: “United States of America”,
“UY”: “Uruguay”,
“UZ”: “Uzbekistan”,
“VC”: “Saint Vincent and Grenadines”,
“VE”: “Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic)”,
“VG”: “British Virgin Islands”,
“VI”: “Virgin Islands, US”,
“VN”: “Viet Nam”,
“WS”: “Samoa”,
“YE”: “Yemen”,
“YT”: “Mayotte”,
“ZA”: “South Africa”,
“ZM”: “Zambia”,
“ZW”: “Zimbabwe”



i don’t think so, recently i need some help and then i sent mail to him and by luck he helped me (conversation was done in hindi)

Hope everyone’s luck is as good as yours :blush:


i tested country code extension but after adding all the assets(257 PNG icon) companion not able to handle the app just stuck at 49%

hope so :slight_smile:
and one request to @KodularCreator
really need this feature at kodular in asset manager Multi Selection asset files
deleting one by one really irritating


Hi friend, i want to use the aia, but the link of the images are no longer available, how can i solved it?

For flags you can visit here : Embed country flag images over CDN (HTTP API) |

thanks i will try!

Can you give me aix file

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