[New app] Free fire Diamonds selling app fully controlled by Admin app

What is the name of your app?

Diamonds Hub

Describe your app:

Free fire players can buy Diamonds vouchers through this app. payment method is very simple.
Application is fully controlled by Admin app. Log in and sign up through firebase.


Diamonds Hub

Admin app

  1. Send Notification
    2.Clear user data
  2. add custom points in user account
  3. View all user data

[Note] data showing in screenshots is a dummy data.

Please download this application and check if i made some mistakes anywhere do let me know.

App Store/Download link:

AIA file (pm me if you want otherwise do some suggestions to make it more professional)

Thanks @Still-learning for your kind help

Extensions used:

Alpha Dialogues by @zainulhassan
other extensions :roll_eyes: i don’t remember yet :grin: but will mention later.


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