Country Flags Extension

Country Flags Extension v1

Hello Koders Today I Am Releasing My Another Extensions Which Is Country Flags Extension. With This Extension You Are Able To Get Flags Of Any Country In 2 Different Types - Shiny And Flat.


blocks (5)

I Will Recommend You To Use 64 Pixels Size


Download Link

com.technovedang.countryflags.aix (5.7 KB)

Upcoming Feature

In Next Update I Will Add A Method Which Calls All Flags As A List. You Can Easily Implement This List With Any List View Or List Picker.


So many helpful extensions :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:


thanks @Online_Toto_Booking

Nice Extension :100: If you would have published it before hackathaon I would has used it :grin: I used this country flags, Maybe you are also using this.


Ops Sorry :grin: :sweat_smile: yes i am using countryflags api :crazy_face:

Thanks :grin:


are you imported block image which is provided by me

no,I did it myself

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wait i will check

Refresh the companion.

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its working for me

It should support all devices. Not just for your device.

However, it does not work Companion mode

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Nice extension, :smile:

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Have you tried to refresh companion

Thanks @xoma

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We can do it alternatively


yeah we can do it. because i have used flags from this website :wink:

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I suggest post screenshot on the first post to show how to extension works :sunglasses:

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He has Posted the picture there

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i think he means this screen shot

Posted it in first post

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I’m sorry if I don’t make myself understand my English is not very good. I wanted to say how it looks on the smartphone