Attention All creative Extension Developers

this extension is needs for all.


Please Create extension same like shown in picture (1)…

But Design will be playable card view or Norma view.

And search function same like shown in picture (2)

And try to add flag into extension, not in kodular assets.

For your help use this json link.-

For this you don’t need extension… by minimum efforts you can create it…

I am little bit busy in Hospital so I can’t do but once I will free I create it if you need that…


That was already provided by deephost. Download deephost app to download this extention (search on playstore to download

Yes but it’s not look like deep host extention ,
Which he use in his own deep host app.

Check his official deep host app…
His extension look as above picture 1…

It has been said over and over that it is not recommend to use DeepHost’s extensions, because he doesn’t give support and several of his extensions don’t fit the new changes in Android.


So what?with documentation we can easily use this need extra support

What @Django_s_Android_App want to say is that in any case if the extension provided by deephost stopped working due to some change in the platform or something similar, then the apps using this extensions may also break resulting in the loss of apps for their respective developers.
So using deephost extension involves risk till deephost start to provide support