Is there a way to import resources faster?

Try importing several PNG images but end up duplicating a single one with all the names you import. Any solution?

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You could show the procedure you have used (the blocks). However, if I have understood your issue, set up a variable to count the imported images.

You can upload your images to Firebase Storage and download it from there with the download url

I think it’s faster

download the project, open it using 7zip, find the assets folder, move all your assets inside, upload the modified project into Kodular


Is it an unofficial solution?

it an official unofficial solution… :wink:
our friends at Kodular might want to add it into their documentation to make it as official as possible…

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Good practice. As long as it’s allowed and I’m not expelled or banned, I’ll keep doing it. (Since that is also how extensions are stolen)

After doing this official/unofficial solution when I upload our project on kodular then which things is to be changed.

there is nothing to change

Keystore will not changed :hugs: