Is there an alternative or better than One signal?

Is there an alternative or better than One signal?

So to inform users better, bidet One signal notifications send late if user is not in app

thank you


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It can’t be worked in background

Yes, I know that

then how can it be a alternative to onesignal

Onesignal is the only possible and suggested way to send notification on Kodular
It uses Firebase Cloud Messaging to do it, which is the root of every source which sends push notification …to use Firebase Cloud Messaging on Kodular someone will need to make extension for it.
As much as i know it is whitelisted by android system to do so.


Yes its possible
U have to use firebase and Background tasks extension and Notification style extension .

No matter which database are u using
U should have a table/ bucket for notifications
Here u have to save values Iike who posted, who liked etc in your database

And one bucked like data chenged in flutter

Now whenever something changes or updated in your database by someone
U have to save value 1 for first time (and them every time it must be incremented by one) in data changed bucket
And in your app there must be a block that checks if data is changed in
If yes then do search in your notifications table!/ bucket of database and search which changes have been made

After getting data by using background taska extension
U can show it by using
notification style extension

Its an overview u have to work on your logic for making it effective

But its not a hard task


One signal is free of charge :blush:

Yes but u asked for alternatives :slightly_smiling_face:


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Have you tried TruePush? It’s also free, for web and mobile.