Is there any other way to make Mobile Number OTP verification?

Is there any other way to make login/sign up with mobile otp verification except firebase?

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Yes there are many api for sending mobile otps
And there is also a extension

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@Sumit1334 But Way2Sms in not accepting new registration.
Can you give any other solution?

email,mobile number,Facebook,sso…

I need only Mobile OTP verification.

I already tell here.

I need Otp verification with mobile number only.

go to that extension there is a option of mobile number Which extension?

the one @Sumit1334 told

Read this.

you said

not number
if so i think only Firebase is best,secure from google

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But I not want to do using firebase. Is there any other option to do this using web api, activity starter, extension or anything?

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