Is there any way to break line in a textbox with input = decimal number?

Hello everyone. I am with a problem that I didn’t find a way to solve.
I would like to create a textbox where the user will be able to type numbers only, and the content of each line will be set as a different item of a list.
I could achieve the same result using a lot of textboxes, but it is possible that he user has to type more then 30 numbers, and having to type in a textbox, then going to another and another douzens of times is very anoying.

The problem is that if textbox input is set as number or decimal number the “Enter” button disappears. The only button available would be “OK”. I know multine is viable because if I set the content of the line as 1\n2\n3\n etc the content will appear and can be edited line by line. If I set the content of the textlabel to “\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n” the problem is solved but this is not good because the textbox would occupy most of the high of the page even if the user doesn’t need to use the textbox…

So I want to know if there is an extension or any other way that allows me too create a number textbox with the possibility for the user press enter

PS: I have downloaded taifun extension and textboxplus extension, the 2 only textbox extensions that I found.

I used in my marklist app with taifun textbox extension (used enter pressed listener)
After entering marks (used condition there by fail mark will turn red and unknowingly types greater than maxi marks then text box will clear and focus on same., If everything correct then On press ok next text box will get focus.

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I am not sure if this approach can help me in this case. In your app the numbers will have always 2 digits, right? In my case it may be any number from 0 to about 50 (there is not a specific amout limit), and the number typed may be in the format 0.0 or 0.00 or 00.0 or 00.00, so I can’t insert \n after a certain number of characters is typed.
But if no better choice appears, I will follow your tip and insert a \n in the textbox when two characters are typed after the dot.

I will try to make it as easy and fast for the user as possible, because it is for a snack bar
inside a school whre they have up to 200 kids to serve in 20 minutes, so any second is precious.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Try this, using @Taifun’s Textbox extension - credit where due :slight_smile:

Textbox is set to multiline, but NOT numbers only - for me, setting numbers only would not allow a line return (Enter key press) - this may cause issues with the device keyboard not being numbers only…

(I only pumped in a-z and A-Z, you could add all the other characters you want to exclude)

The boolean is important otherwise you will generate an infinite loop and crash


What if you created a custom keyboard?
Wouldn’t it be possible?


Like this?


Exactly! :blush:

This perfectly solves my problem. Thank you :heart:

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You will probably get a runtime error if you delete your typed number…you will a few nmore blocks to handle that.

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Yes, I just used the idea.
I have already made the changes in the project and it is already working just as I expected.

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