Textbox Extension




  • to get/set cursor position
  • to highlight text
  • to start a text changed listener and to have an event, which fires after text changed
  • NEW in Version 3: to set a background image
  • NEW in Version 4: get/set highlight color of textbox
  • NEW in Version 5: EnterPressed event and SetSoftKeyboardIconEnter method

more information see here App Inventor Extensions: Textbox | Pura Vida Apps
Thank you @Italo for being the sponsor of this extension!


Example use


Features for TextBox Component

the new methods SetBackgroundImage, GetHighlightColor and SetHighlightColor are now available in the textbox extension



I now added an EnterPressed event in Version 5 of the Textbox extension
Additionally you can set the icon of the Enter button in the soft keyboard. Possible values for icon: DONE, GO, NEXT, PREVIOUS, SEARCH, SEND

Thank you @Boban for being the sponsor of version 5!