Is there anyway i can get firebase idtoken from web component(without mixtern extension)

if anyone knows a way to get firebase id token from web component using post or get method then please tell me.

someone pls reply. ( i want to use inbuilt firebase auth as it has better options abut it doesn’t have id token so please help me how to get id token without changing extension)

i know

use this blocks

which url you used in global signup variable

and waht if i am using google sign in from firebase auth extension then what should i do.

instead of signup put sigin url and get id token

no i think u misunderstood what i am saying is when user is siging up with google account. when user click on google signup then google account picker opens up. then we choose our account like that.

sorry i didnt get you explain in detail

a like this when my user sign up using google account. then how will i get id token.