Is this a bug of the firebase component?

In these days I am studying firebase and in the tests that I am doing I go to read a Tag from a Firabase database, but if this has children with names that are only numbers, in the app I do not get the names of the children, if instead only one of the names of the children is alphanumeric, I get the names of all the children. Sorry for the wrong terminology, I have yet to learn the correct terms of the Firebase structure. I enclose below explanatory images.



This is not a bug with the Firebase component. The get Value block is for fetching the value of a tag, and not a bucket. You’re attempting to get the value of “enfandroid”, which is a bucket.
You can fetch the tag list of a bucket, but not it’s value.
If you want to get a list of all tag/value pairs in a bucket, you should first get all the tags in that bucket and then call get Value for each tag in the resulting list. There are tutorials here describing how to do so.

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I did not understand, it does not correspond to what I feel. My bucket is db1 and enfandroid is a child, am I wrong?

db1 is a bucket, so are enfandroid, custmer, 1, 2, 3, and test.

If a tag has a child tag, then it’s a bucket.

OK thank you. I understood only now that to recover the information of the “sub tag” I have to insert the path eg. db1 \ enfandroid \ custmer.
Thank you.

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Then mark solution of her answer

Posted as Solution for the friend @Vishwas , whom I thank very much, but I find the results exposed by me initially strange.

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Someone else also encountered my problem …


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I confirm that in my opinion this is a bug, annoying enough for me. I have been working with firebase and return data for several days now and it seems increasingly obvious to me that this is an anomaly.
I ask @Hossein that I have known for several years now, if he could find out about it, I would be grateful.