Issue with navigating between screens

This method is not working. Can anyone help?

Use close screen block in condition.
And move open another screen block below condition.

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It didn’t work either!

Show your blocks please.

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I have many blocks! In Kodular Draco worked the way above quietly!

My blocks!



If I am not wrong then it is a new method.
Write a guide on this.


In short.

Firstly, the do-it block does the method in the do section, and returns a result.

When the returned result comes to screenName, it opens another screen :smile:


Since u are closing screen first (by do-it), how will the rest command complete?

The do-it block will close the screen, immediately return the result, and say open another screen. :metal:

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Did not work. I created another project and did this part of the screen swap and it worked. I do not know what else to do!

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