ItoO1 blocks, I don't know what my mistake is

Hello, hello everyone and a thousand apologies for bothering you again, but I really can’t get these blocks to work and I urgently need to find a solution.

I found an aia that another user published with a function equal to the one I need, its blocks are the following

It throws a notification every 10 seconds while the app is closed, obviously with the parameters that it determines, I tried to replicate and these are my blocks, but I can’t find what my error or problem is.

Honestly, I see it exactly the same, and consider that the problem is not my final block of the data obtained because I know it works, I tried it by calling it with a clock when starting the app and if it throws me what I want to obtain. but placing it in the blocks to call it when the app is closed does not work for me. Please if someone can give me a hand I would appreciate it, I have no problem passing the AIA if they need it.

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