Join several texts without replacing

I understand that with the join block you can fix one text within the other, but this time my situation changes.


Getting value from firebase gives me various values ​​for the loop above. What I want is that every time I get a value, I join it with the variable “all_products_lista”.

I used the join block, but what it does for me is that it replaces the value with the new one and what I want is for me to add it.

How can I do this?

Generally to add item to an existing list, we use add item to list block :point_down:

Add items to list ---- Kodular docs


I understand but how did it happen after list to text?

There is no way to add texts without replacing the previous one?

To add text, use add items to list block. @ElMaxicero4

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First use the add items to list blocks.
Then, with for (each item in list) loop, use the join block.

OK, I like the idea. But there is a problem according to me, every time the loop is executed the union value will be replaced. I would like you to show some blocks. Thanks in advance.


Suppose there are 2 items in the list: when it goes through the first item it is written to a text variable, fine. But when the loop passes through the second element, the value of the first is replaced with the value of the new value that will be the second element. If I am not correct please provide blocks for a better understanding.

Actually do you have any value already in this list ? But as per your blocks there is no value , onl;y get value only will be there


Suppose if you show the way how you set values in this list we can help you further

also set teh firebase project bucket like this,


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Thanks for your advice, what I want to achieve is filter data by categories. I use dictionaries with JSON to be able to do this function.

These are my achieved blocks:

JSON the value “all_productos_lista”.



But I have 3 labels with their values ​​and it only detects the values ​​of one. What am I doing wrong?

When trying to filter with the category that the JSON has, it sends me this error.

I recently had to do this in my project.

  • When the screen starts you call a variable with a tinydb or other block that saves your data.
  • When you go to save, you put the add to list block, the variable where you have the saved data and at the end you save it again.
    I know yours is more advanced, but take mine as a base.
    WhatsApp Image 2021-05-30 at 19.37.41
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Can you show me an example of the values ​​that are stored in tinyBD?

He looks like this!

  • Since it uses the “list” block, then it doesn’t look like “json”. So I use another way to search for the information I want.
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If by chance this helped you, don’t forget to mark it as “Solved”.

It is giving me ideas, but I still have problems.

In the firebase I have several tags that I bring as a structure:

and when bringing them it looks like this:

You want to extract only value present in the tags and want to remove all the tags?

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Exactly, that is what I want to do, so that I only take the value and so I can perform the filtering, the values ​​of all the chosen labels have to be in a list, so that later I can find them in pairs.

See how did i tried… I have extracted only tag values and not tags


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ok I’ll try. Thanks friend.I will be reporting.

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