Firebase list get value

Hello. I have also created a list in the firebase and how to make the entries in this list equal. For example, there is an entry 0005, and if this entry matches the entry, let the result appear

have you tried anything so for? what was your output?

I don’t understand exactly what you mean

I saved it as a list in Firebase and I want to sync that value from there

I mean, in kodular did you set any blocks to get value fromfirebase into the app? if yes, pls show us…

This is how I did it, the blocks on the left work fine, but the blocks on the right do not work, and I want the right blocks to be correct, so to synchronize the values ​​in the firebase list with the value entered in the textbox

Do you understand exactly what I’m saying?

blocks are not inenglish… sorry… unable to cath your logic

Ok, it would be better if you explain this question, I added a value to firebase, for example 005, how can I synchronize this value. If - textbox\text = value in firebase
then - open page
how can i do this

When  text box text got changed
if the length of the text box is 1(you can fix at any length)
get value from firebase

when firebase got value
if the get value = text box text
then open the next page
else show notifier alert sorry , you have no access

Hello. How can I retrieve the values ​​I saved as a list in firebase? In other words, the user has entered the value 0005 and will receive the texts with this value.
Let me tell you, the tag 0005 has the text [Hello,0005], how can I pull it, but not only this value, every user can create it for himself like this

FB list

How can I get different items in the above list?
For example, the user entered the tag (9444) and the value in this tag will be [Home,9444].
another user
Input the tag (0001) and you will get the value of [Store,0001] in this tag.
how can i set this


test like this


if value not found,(i mean tag is not there)then it will create a tag and its value else it will return the values of existing value


you can adjust remaining blocks as you like… But this is the Base logic

I’m saving the values ​​using text box, but I don’t have one like this manually

in the place of 01 just use your text box text

and in the make list blocks use remaining txt boxes… Thats why i said early this is the base logic

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I’m working, if anything goes wrong I’ll write back for help

sure just kepp posting

else try like this

i have used four txt boxes, you can limit it and project bucket too

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