Make 2 list from 2 firebase project bucket


I tried to make 2 lists of 2 firebase project buckets in the same order and put them in the listview.
I tried with the same block, but the order is always different.

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Post the blocks


I have tried with add list block but the results are still some kind random

So the problem is getting data randomly from firebase. I can help you

You need to use extension for sorting your list and also you have to add serial no to values

Data in firebase won’t be random instead it is the same as what you see in the console.
The problem is, I don’t really understand what are you doing in when firebaseDB got value, a loop in a loop???

And can I ask you, what information do you want to add into the ListView? Only value or all tags and values?

i need the value which matches with the tag that I input
in my application I don’t know how many tags are because the user who inputted the tag and the value

is this the right one?

You can either use get tag list. But in your case, use dictionary.

can u make some example?

So, what value be needed to obtain?
and btw, to sort dictionary, try this:

These blocks will convert to list of pairs first (like the format of AI2) and covert back to dictionary. This will automatically sort acsendingly

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ill try… thank you :smiley: