Is it possible to get two values from two different project buckets?

I want to display data from the Firebase database, but I want to display values from two different bucket projects. for your help I am very happy.

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Can you elaborate more…

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Yes, you can add two firebase components with a different bucket.
Or one firebase component and from the block editor, change the bucket name before calling get value.

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actually I want to make a list of project bucket list tags and values in one screen, is that possible?

thank you friend, I have used one component, and have combined two project buckets, but only one function.

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks?

Hello friend can you solved the problem?
I have the same problem, I have 2 project buckets with a sub project bucket with lists in each. I can bring only one without problems, but when I want to bring the information of the two different project buckets it is not possible because I do not know how to use the get list and got values blocks.

can you help me?

show me what you have done!

Can you display the structure of your firebase database?
And can you tell us what data you want to get?

With the Project bucket block you can get all the data you need inside your firebase. And you can use only one component. Just change the project bucket


You can use it something like this:


the problem is when I do the for each, apparently there is a delay between one and the other and the information reaches kodular incompletely. If you see in the images the 2 values of the first tag appear as “empty-string”. Do you know how to solve this? Using a clock?


If you don’t change the project bucket properly you won’t get the data.

Please note that the values in firebase are saved in quotes. For example Puntuacion: “3” .


I made a test with a similar structure to yours, to obtain the score values of each user. And it works.

The structure of firebase database:

These are the blocks:

I leave you the aia file so you can see how it works.
HowFirebaseBucket.aia (3.0 KB)

I understand what you did, but in my case within qualification I have several users not only User1 (that you put) for that reason after obtaining the first list of users (user1, user2, user3) for each of them in turn I have to get another internal list.
I inside “qualification” I have (for example, user1, user2, user3) and in turn inside “user1” I have another list of users (user1.1, user1.2, user1.3).
What I try is to obtain the rating that the “user1.1, user 1.2 and user 1.3” put on the “user1” and after obtaining those values, make an average and put that score in a rating bar within a dynamic cardview.
And the problem is that when doing those two for each loop, there is a delay when obtaining the information and it only manages to correctly obtain the information of the last scored user. Is my problem understood?

hey can anyone help me with how to get the data in the project bucket, because I have 3 project bucket
the first one is the districts and the other is places rest is blood group

I created districts in a list. places in another list (using make a list) when we click register all the data were stored in the firebase menu. but the problem is when we pick the district in the list view I cant view the places in it.

register and search both are in a deferent screen
I leave the screenshots here

also here is the aia please anyone correct the blocks
Thank you for your timePlace and districts problem.aia (355.4 KB)