Json another time :)

I did search and found many simple examples of Dictionary usage but none showed me how to get what I want from a jSon. My question is how to get a list of the marked records from API response in the GotText event?

I tried what ever fall in my mind but nothing worked. Can somebody put some blocks together that shows the principal solution?

I know how to get what is under each one and show it in table using extension:

but just do not know how to get a list…

Best regards, Alex

Did You Try ?

Yes. That case is where there is arrays but I have objects {} and want to get names of subobjects. I can get number of fields in arrayy but not number od objects so I can’t do foreach…

I just want to get a list like (SkyWars,MurderMystery,Bedwars… ) :thinking:

But just saw something in your post that I did not do… let me try…I’ll report result…

Best regards, Alex

Your suggesion worked. I did first step wrong.
So I managed to get what I need but… while I get results I also get runtime error with no description.


and error:

If I do not end app but click somewhere outside it continue to work.

Any suggestion?


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