Need help with this Sample json

Hi evryone

I need help to get the value and show it in a list view .

I have read, read about json and dictionnary.

But i need helppp

This is the json response.
I want to show the datas in the Array.

My blockss

See an example, using [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

Json example
    "status": "ok",
    "rewards": [
            "date": "27-10-2021",
            "to": "Dora"
            "date": "28-10-2021",
            "to": "Chris"


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Thank you for you help i have find many error also in my Aia.

Post text was for the web1. And i had put on web2 my code.

I’m trying your blocks actually . I’ll reply

Thank you for Your help with this sample json response…

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This is my blocks



I hav set label 1 to show response

Change from global response2 to global rewards in list by walking key path block


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Thank you so much

Working !!!

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