Json file as a Offline database

Hi there, I want make a offline dictionary app. All database are stored in a json file & i have uploaded that in asset section of kodular. My question is that can i use json files data from the uploaded json file as list element to make a offline dictionary app?


Sure, but you need to decode it as a JSON and then use list management tools to be able to sort it to its different indexes.

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Thanks. How can i decode it and use as a list element ?

Well there are a few blocks to consider. Here are some great tutorials in how to work with lists and JSONS,

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I had tested and made what you want. But there is a problem. It takes too much time to load all the words of the dictionary. I suggest You not to build an offline app by uploading to the Asset folder. You can build an online based dictionary by uploading the JSON file to Cloudinary.

for an offline database you might want to consider SQlite

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