Parse json from assets

I’m looking since yesterday how to parse json from assets by uploading the json in assets, but unfortunately I found only this:

But there’s not too much information to understand.
Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t know much about json but read on some post used web componet to read and decoding json file.
Here example but are in spanish
You can trastale website on “Traducir:” select yor languaje.
I hope this help you. Gretings.

PD: I know used web componet why file are store on server.

Thank your for your response.

I read all the examples there, but there’s nothing for what I’m looking for.
Thank you anyway.

OK sorry for that.
Please you can explain for my (as an exception) with others words what you are try to do ?

I want to upload the file.json in the assets and parse it, all the tutorial that I saw they parse json from internet.
In other words, I want to upload the example.json in the assets and read it.

I hope now you understand better.

Here is an example for a different project, might help you


That’s exactly what I want.
Thank you.:blush:

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On my example only you need to change sever to assets.
Anyway you have the solution :heart_eyes:

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