Json from web getting Problem

Ok, I will try and let u know

are you sure this global result is a list? can you debug it and show us?

Another way parse json tele bot

What u mean by debugging ?

K, will try

Right click on concern blocks>again click on do it (there will be a option. App must connected via companion to enable the option)

Will show tomorrow

Thank you …

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And change result to create empty list

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Not found :frowning:

Re read what I suggested above.

I forgot about ur post

When used ur suggestion


Hello guyz
My problem solved !
The problem is about to tg bot api
Anyway, thanks to everyone who those participated in this topic :slight_smile:

But, now guyz new bug formed :smiley:

Related blocks

What’s the bug here guys ?
Thanks in advance

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Your list is a normal list
The lookup in pairs block however expects a list of lists


So, what I can do ?

Can you show you web values ?