Problem saving data

Since the latest Kodular update often happens to me this comment shows:2020-01-10_18-15-45
(The message doesn’t go away, it stays there for a long time),
After a while, I was introduced to this comment:222
After waiting so long and clicking Save a few times manually, I reopened the Kodular, after the project opened everything I did was gone!
I ask that you fix it, it happens to me all the time and it is exhausting to build everything up to time,I use the browser: Firefox
my internet connection is good
My project has 11701 blocks (only on the first page)

Here are the errors received when the project opens:


Here are the errors that were accepted while i editing the project:

And here are the errors received while the project was built:


Your project is corrupted

My project is not corrupted, I can build it

The problem may have happened because there was another open project (in another window)
But I’m not sure that’s the problem …

Try this:
Log out
Close your browser
Open in browser other than Firefox
Log in
See if it works

This problem still happens​:disappointed_relieved:
This also happens in the Google Chrome browser
(Last time I checked in Mac, but this problem also happens in Windows)
And this time the Kodular was not open in two places at the same time

I don’t have that many blocks in any of my projects so I can’t say what the issue is, maybe limit of what kodular can handle

11701 blocks???

I cannot vouch for Kodular, but on Thunkable Classic, the system had major issues with any page being over 7000 blocks (and more so with Thunkable currently compromised API28 compiler which has an issue dealing with merely 2500 blocks).

11701 blocks is likely over the limit.
Have you ever been able to produce an AIA file with that project?


You mean APK :grin:



I can export aia and also apk​:grin:

So you think the problem is the number of blocks?

You can test it.
Make a duplicate of your project and remove half the blocks and see it that cures the problem (even with an app that does not have several functions missing).

Mind you, the number of graphical components also have a memory footprint, so if your are overly enthusiastic with sliders and text box and whatever component that have “rich” methods, you could also suffer on that side.
The positive thing is that if your are essentially suffering because of processing blocks, you could put them in a different screen, or convert the processing to a JavaScript program in an HTML file that is called by a web viewer (and the web viewer does not even have to be “visible = true”…) with the added benefit that the JavaScript would run 700 times faster.


Extensions? I remember there’s some extension that are incompatible between them. Could that be the case?

Try delete sign yellow and red until emptey

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Components, assets etc

Why? Isn’t it good to leave yellow notes?

Yes, but they can use up memory. You can hide them and see if that helps, or make a backup if you need to look at the yellow notes.

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Also, you might want to try saving .ais (screen files) instead of .aia (project files)

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I did it​:+1:
Luckily you can save the locks and then return them to the project (thanks to this I was able to return some of what I did)