Json help needed

Hey, everyone I haven’t used json before so I need help that how I can get value of data placed here in json - - -
Root>data>movies(array) >#1>torrents(array)>#1

Here is something I did - -

But it me throws an error so I was unable to move forward. Also please suggest me a way to work with json

This can help you

With these blocks there is an error

This error is because value at movies object is empty.

But in the json it there it is not empty I think I have problem with my blocks.

Yah you have some problem in blocks. Can you show me your blocks.

Blocks are present in first post

And api link

Replace daily with data and data with movies and precipIntensity with the text from which you wants detail for your use.

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I have seen that, By the way thank you.

Dear @Sherpuraala,

You may PM me either the data-source link and your requisites or your AIA. I can help you with Blocks if you want.

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Thank you for that because your guide was so much wonderful that it made me understand everything.

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