JSON - read from URL, update text field


I have these blocks and from what I’ve read, it should work. Not sure why it isn’t.

The URL is a json file like this:

“languages”: [
“English”, “Albanian”, “Arabic”, “Bosnian”, “Chinese (S)”, “Chinese (T)”, “Croatian”, “Hindi”, “Hungarian”, “Punjabi”, “Russian”, “Serbian”, “Spanish”, “Tamil”, “Ukrainian”, “Urdu”, “Vietnamese”
“Programs and Services”: “Программы и Услуги”,
“Calendar”: “Календарь”,
“Locations”: “Места”,
“Social Media”: “Социальные сети”,
“Contact Us”: “Свяжитесь с нами”,
“Feedback”: “Обратная связь”

Update: it works if I remove the languages array. But I need those.

What part does not work?

Do you get an error? How do you need the results to appear?
You must put more details and it would be nice to put the Json data link to prove it