JSON to blocks. Cant quite understand

I have this json api

“images”: [
“file”: “d854ba2d3e9683de”,
“extension”: “.png”,
“image_id”: 1986

But I cant go past through the “images” . I want to get the image id number. Have seen some posts but cant quite understand them. Can you help me by showing me how I could get that? Thanks in advance. Here some images
Screenshot from 2022-06-29 19-41-52
Screenshot from 2022-06-29 19-42-23

share us complete json… this is incomplete struture

“images”: [
“file”: “c1384aaf68b8cbf5”,
“extension”: “.png”,
“image_id”: 1809,
“favourites”: 5,
“dominant_color”: “#8a7c82”,
“source”: “https://reddit.com/j9uv67/”,
“uploaded_at”: “2021-11-02T11:16:19.048684+00:00”,
“is_nsfw”: false,
“width”: 2250,
“height”: 4000,
“url”: “https://cdn.waifu.im/c1384aaf68b8cbf5.png”,
“preview_url”: “Preview”,
“tags”: [
“tag_id”: 12,
“name”: “waifu”,
“description”: “A female anime/manga character.”,
“is_nsfw”: false

Here is the api link actually. Could manage to do it with simpler ones. https://api.waifu.im/random/?selected_tags=waifu

what are the values you want to take?


taken …


The image_id and the url.

I see. Missed a lot of things. Now its more clear. Thanks a lot

I tried to get the url in a label But i get the url into ()

I figured it out. Replaced [ and ] to (). Thanks for everything!

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No needto use so many replace - use [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension


oo I see. I am gonna try that thanks!

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