Keyboard & wallpaper issue

I want to create a screen like this (like a note book, where we have to write above the line)

For this I used a wallpaper on an arrangement & then on screen background. On both cases wallpaper shrinks when I open keyboard.

How to stop wallpaper from shrinking OR is there any other way to make a screen like that?

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No this is default in android that keyboard shifts all arrangement to upward.

Try what happen when set the screen sizing to Fixed

We used to have this in AppyBuilder LinedTextBox. Perhaps @Hossein may adopt it in here .

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by doing that whole screen (with icons, text, etc) is shrinking


it worked :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
one more thing, can I scroll wallpaper with text. I mean now wallpaper is not shrinking but when I scroll up the whole text it looks wierd.
I am trying to make a screen like a notepad. I want text to appear above the line and when I scroll up or down, text with line should also scroll. Any way to do this :sweat_smile:
Like @Hassan mentioned it was available in appybuilder, is there any extension which can do this?

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Not that I know of

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