KJ Translator App Created By Me

(Krish Jotaniya) #1

What is the name of your app?

KJ Translator

Describe your app:

My App Can Help You To Convert Speech Into Text And Same Text Into Speech Easily.


App Store/Download link:


AIA file

Install And Send Me Feedback From App I Will Give You The AIA File Of It…

(KrishuTech) #2

Nice App… :sunglasses::grinning:
Keep It Up

(Krish Jotaniya) #3

Thank You For It…

(Amit Raj) #4

Nice job keep it up!

(Is HasSaM) #5

Amazing bro, keep it up :point_right::heart:, can you give me AiA need for my project

(Krish Jotaniya) #6

soon i will post you