Kodular 1.4 E Sneakpeeks

They great day is here! August 1st :smile:
You were right thinking that it was related with a Kodular update, but it is not the release day :sweat_smile:
We always do a Sneakpeek Series when making major releases, so we have to do for Kodular 1.4 E

Kodular E Sneakpeeks are going to be different from other major releases
We usually do them by posting in the community different posts, but this time no
For this update, there is going to be a YouTube Series with videos that have been scheduled
Follow this playlist, which has all Sneakpeek videos

Each day, a new YouTube Video will be premiered with exclusive content related with the update
The videos also contain info about the upcoming sneakpeeks, so pay attention to the narration :wink:
After its premiere, I will publish here a post explaining the sneakpeek


Sneakpeek Schedule

Sneakpeek 1 2019-08-02T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 2 2019-08-04T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 3 2019-08-05T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 4 2019-08-07T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 5 2019-08-08T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 6 2019-08-10T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 7 2019-08-12T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 8 2019-08-14T14:00:00Z
Sneakpeek 9 2019-08-15T10:00:00Z

The last sneakpeek will be available only in this community topic


For those who were expecting the update, may I ask you the following questions?

  1. Have you ever seen a Kodular major update without sneakpeeks?
  2. Where have we said that today there was going to be an update?



And one more thing

You will see that this sneakpeek series will be deserved, because…
Kodular E update is bigger than Kodular Andromeda :zipper_mouth_face:


Sneakpeek #1

Kodular Eagle

The new version name is Kodular 1.4 Eagle :eagle:
The importance of the sneakpeeks will be increasing with each new video :wink:

And as some of you are disappointed with this sneakpeek, I will tell you this: the next one is about a new component


Sneakpeek #2

In-App Updates

Kodular Eagle will include a component to update your app within it
It uses a native Play Store, so you can keep your users with the latest version of your app


Sneakpeek #3

Kodular Donations

As you know, we currently accept donations, but some people cannot use them because of lack of support in their country
So, this is why we added Kodular Donations component. If you use this component, the commission we take will go to 100%, so you are donating us with your ads


Sneakpeek #4

Google Maps Update

Lots of users currently use Google Maps to display maps. However, we are aware that it has some missing features
Don’t worry, because Kodular Eagle will allow you to draw Polylines and more things in it!


Sneakpeek #5

Dynamic Image and Dynamic Space

Finally, they are here. Lots of users asked about more dynamic components, and they finally arrived
You will be able to create Dynamic Images and Spaces within your app’s block section


Sneakpeek #6

Google Play Games

The title says everything about this sneakpeek. Kodular Eagle will include a native Google Play Games component
You will be able to authenticate users using Play Games, unlock achievements, show leaderboards, etc.


Sneakpeek #7

Share to own app

In this new update you will be able to configure your app as a shared content receiver, making it appear in the Android “Share” menu
This feature is fully customizable; you will be able to pick the kind of media your app should handle

Next sneakpeek will be the longest one, and the best one too; don’t miss it!


Sneakpeek #8

New Design

Something which nobody expected will arrive with Kodular Eagle
A brand new design, self-made by our team, will sport the new Kodular Creator. It not only adds a fresh look to it, but also improves performance a lot
Moreover, we brought back the 4 panel mode by App Inventor, and added the ability to pick which ones should be shown
I strongly encourage to check the video to see it. There are some changes between it and the final version, but it will give you an idea

PS: No, this is not the super-secret feature we have been talking about; it just allowed us to implement it
PS2: Tomorrow’s sneakpeek time has been moved a bit earlier, check it


Sneakpeek #9

Official Release Date

Finally, the sneakpeeks for Kodular Eagle have reached its end
So now it is time for the moment all of you have been waiting for :yum::smile:

Kodular 1.4 Eagle :eagle: will be launched…

[center]2019-08-17T16:00:00Z Schedule[/center]