Kodular ad action required error

I uploaded my app on Google playstore but when any user download and share to other phone then after using 10-15sec they getting this type of error in app.
Do I need to request for ad approval?
If anyone knows solution please tell.

If your app is on google play then it doesn’t need to be approved by kodular. But when it’s from an APK kodular should approve your app for ads. Btw you should have searched the forum, there are plenty of topics like this one.

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Yes I know
But when any one Download from playstore and share with anyone or when any user download from playstore and save that app as apk and reinstall that then this problem happen.

I tested , download my app from playstore then save as apk and reinstall after sometime I also received same notice

Maybe I’m wrong or maybe because of some error

That’s the problem. You need to install the app via the Play Store. If you sideload the apk you will see the approval dialog.

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He is trying to get around it :rofl:

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I think you get me wrong :joy:
Im saying I downloaded my app from playstore and save that as apk using apk extractor then reinstall

This is side loading your apk

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But same thing I downloaded my app from apkpure and install ads showing no problem ?
Can you tell me Reason ?

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