Kodular app rejected bcoz of Ads

Hello everyone,
I recently uploaded my app on Google playstore.
And today i got this email from the google.

Can anyone tell me what i do next? I have not even put any Ads in my application.

Please help me​:pleading_face:

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Can you share the link of your App.

Kodular staff may answer this.

I think you have not set ads properly

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@Vedang he clearly said that he does not uses ad in his app. Then his may not slove the issue.


Did you read deceptive ads policy

Oops, Sorry i haven’t read this :grin:

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drag every ad component to project
If it shows number more than one at the end of component name…
then you have ad component previously
Admob_Banner1 is good
Admob_Banner2 says that you had that ad component before

Check if any component shows number more than 1 at end

I have received the same email from play console

I am looking forward to solving it.

If I get the solution I will share on this community

Just add a small label with text “Advertisement” above your banner and problem will be solved.

I Submitted my App on August 22.

I send them and they send me a beautiful message:

Facebook " Review time depends on many factor and we review these submission as quickly as possible, and of now we are unable to provide a timeline of the review"

This was there answer

I never thought Facebook would be so frustrating

And for the most part I think they are doing it meningly I mean Its like 20 days, Admob views an App in like 2 hours,

They reply in between 4 to 24 hrs, but they don,t have time to review simple apps