Please review my app it's urgent

i submit my app for review 3 days ago but it’s still pending. my application also published on google play store with 5k+ download. i need its urgent so please review my app.

i also mailed to support team but not yet response.

the process is manual may take some time. Have patience :slightly_smiling_face:

My previous app got approved in just 5 seconds!!:grin:

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maybe the Que was empty that time


If you have published your app on Google play store, why you submited your app for approval?


No need for approval. Read Kodular ad approval policies carefully

It is good to take approval because some people share apk instead of installing it from Play Store, in that case ads will not be served and show approval pop up every time.

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But he didn’t said that he has put ads in his app​:thinking:
He can put them after approval…

to start facebook ads serving need to verify sdk using first ads request from my phone. i am trying this but unable to do. so stop everything due to approval.