Kodular apps with 100k+ installs

I tried searching but I didn’t get satisfactory answer.

All I want to know is, is anyone here have apps made with kodular with 100k or more downloads, potentially 1M downloads?

Companion 100k

PhoneMaker 50k

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This one has 1 million+ but I believe it was made in the MIT app inventor


Yes, there are alot of apps. I asked this question previously on 2020 and got to see alot of successful projects ( Featured on 2020 top topics ) . No matter what the building platform is. Your idea need to be unique and better to get a bigger userbase. Don’t worry if your first few projects get much downloads or recognition. You can try to think of some ideas and try to implement them in your apps and continue to learn and create apps. You’ll definitely become better and successful if you continue what you’re doing now.


i can’t give my app link but my app has 500K+ downloads :slightly_smiling_face:


My app has 200K+ download. search Androwin Developer


Nice :+1:
Can you tell us the app name?

How did you bring the downloads?

How did you bring the downloads to your app?

If you want some information on that. Here you get some points.


  • Think of an idea and a way to implement it ( Remix other’s ideas with extra too )

  • Design / Conceptualize the UI before creating it

  • Keep everything simple ( as you want other apps to be )
    For example, not flooding the app with ads. Sure, you won’t like an app if it does.

  • Take some time and think of as an user

ASO ( App Store Optimization )

Here comes some visual things and the way you describe your application.

Driving Listing Visitors

This will make the visitor enter your app store listing ( Where they view screenshots and other info about your app )

  • Create a nice looking icon ( The first impression might be this )
    Give some time and think if you’d click that icon if it appears in search result

  • Catchy and minimal title ( Make is simple and straight )

Converting your visitor to user

  • Screenshots ( One of the important thing a user will check after visiting your listing. So, make it clean, professional and show exactly what your application is to avoid low ratings )

  • Short Description ( Describing your application in simpler and showing what it does at the same time )
    E.g “Your app name is an advanced PDF reader with many useful features” where you can explain the features later in the main description.

  • Brief description ( Explain as much as you can. Make headings and key points about the particular feature of your app )


  • Create store listing templates in multiple languages to drive users from different countries

  • Mostly what you include in your short description and brief description will be working out as tags ( Search )

  • Try to experiment with the Store listing and see if it makes any changes so you can revert back if it affects in a negative way.

I described what I’ve learned and what I’ve used.


I have an app with 70K downloads

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Download Link:

how you make your screenshot?

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Your question has already been asked and answered. Please refrain from reposting questions unless absolutely necessary. :slight_smile:

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Yes I have 100k+ also 250k+ in other app

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The question was asked like 18 months ago and the question was closed for replies Last year.

Not sure how it’ useless, since the old question isn’t even open to new answers.

The question was answered, and the answer hasn’t changed. I don’t see why you’d need new answers when “yes” answers the original question.

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