Kodular can't send my payment


Team kodular can’t give me any response regarding this issue they hold my huge amount they just hold my because they asked you using multiple kodular account’s not a serious issue but they just hold my 10k$ they can’t give me any single response they just hold payments… Iam unable to withdraw my payment… I already said I can’t using multiple accounts but kodular hold my huge amount payment 2 months payments they can’t send

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Kodular can’t send me 2 months payments July month payment I request for withdrawal they can’t send and now August month payment is added but unable to withdraw

please help help

@Diego please help

Please help him @Kodular @Diego @Vishwas

Same issue

You received your July month payment?

hello, I’m also having the same problem, two months without receiving… I made the change to the ad manager and I can’t withdraw anything, I request the withdrawal and it’s cancelled.

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guys, since kodular does not respond, I will tell you some information that can help you understand, my first payments I received through pay pal without any problem, but these days I did a test and leave 23 dollars to withdraw and send to bank account, and I haven’t received it until today, now I’m back to activating pay pal, I hope you receive it normally, the problem is that kodular doesn’t respond or doesn’t explain the problems better. So I think the easiest way for them to pay is by pay pal.

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What kind of app do you have that you’re earning this much?

I agree with you my first payout from PayPal and i received it but second i choose to receive in Bank and till now i didn’t receive it so again i decided to stay on PayPal i think it’s better :blush:

We all are also confused we can earn this much only in dreams :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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still no payments? it takes a long time

Yes still not received July Payment as well as August Payment also :thinking: