Kodular Companion should use ASD

On android 10, kodular uses application specific directory however it uses a custom folder on android versions less than 10. I would like to suggest for Kodular Companion to uses only application specific directory to avoid confusions.


No, because if that were the case, no one would understand anything anymore and the confusion would be complete. In addition, basic functions / methods would no longer work.

Kodular redirects the path for components that can save something to the ASD, since saving in external storage (outside the ASD) is no longer (unrestricted) possible from targetSdkVersion = 30. Other components (such as the Image component) can still access the external storage (even after Kodular is targeting Android 11).

So these components must still have access to the external storage and not just to the ASD.

Btw, since your statement was liked several times, it is already clear that confusion has arisen.


Thanks for the reply.
Actually what I want to say is tha kodular companion should use
to store assets like it does on android 10. As I always become confused when I have to access assets in my extensions. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Yes, but if these were to be changed, there would be a lot of problems with (old) extensions. Btw, the (planned) switch to Kodular (from previously Makeroid and even before that AppInventor) also creates enough new problems (for extension developers).

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