Kodular Companion

I can’t download kodular companion application from play store. Because It’s not compatible with my device. Please give me the solution for this issue.

Which device are you using ?

Redmi GO…

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I think so its not available because its a very low end device.

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Yes, you are right. But I need the companion app for live testing.

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But 1GB ram might be enough for companion

But there is no download option available in screen. I am already share the screenshot

@Diego sirr might gave answer


Which Android version?

Its 8.1 oreo

Humm, weird, I’ll check tomorrow in Play Dev and see if there are any disabled devices

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Thank you.

Will it install if you download the apk? Is it against the rules to do that?

I don’t know,

protip, what about trying what Italo suggested to find it out?


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If it is not against rules download it from below


Application download complete. But install failed. :lying_face: :cry: :cry:

Try to get an Android emulator working on your computer. I know GenyMotion can run the Companion somehow. Start trying those and see which ones work.

For your information, I just installed Memu Play by @Fabio recommendation here This is for those whose Companion doesn't work

And it works perfectly. After installation, just sing in the Play Store and install the Kodular Companion.

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okk. thank you