Kodular Eagle next build features

Hello Everybody, in the next build of Kodular I would like the following features. To stay updated, you can visit my Google Doc here.

  • Public link creation after building APK or AAB removed for privacy reasons such as https:// kodular.app/abc-xyz Learn More Here

  • Improved Package Utilities

  • Screen recorder

  • More themes

  • Fonts in dialog boxes

  • Bug Fixes

  • Gif Support

  • Ability to view Lottie animations in creator without companion

  • Flashlight Component

  • More experimental components

  • Brightness Controls

  • Restricted full screen mode (like preventing the user from swiping from the status bar or navigation bar when hidden like a kiosk app).

  • View custom progress in creator and not companion or apk.

  • Power, sleep, shut down, restart components.

  • Ringtone component like to set which ringtone on the device, get, play ringtone.

  • PDF Reader

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The thing is, you just said Kodular is or will be outdated shortly. And now you’re suggesting for them to add things before the next update, which I’m sure is coming soon. Pick a struggle.

FYI, some extension exist for the things you want.


Some of those extensions are paid. I only want to use free stuff.

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Flashlight already exists in the camera component

Thank you for the suggestions. Some of these features are already available in Kodular or by using extensions. Could you also clarify the following points?

What improvements would you like to see to this component?

We are constantly fixing bugs with each release. Are there any specific bugs that you’ve noticed? If so please report them to us so we can take a look.

What experimental components would you like to see?


What you said has to do with Kodular APK Security which is closed. :frowning_face:

I’m glad you know what topic my reply has to do with. And I’m glad it was closed.

What is good about it being closed?

Update on 1/1/2021: There still is no solution. Since the topic has been closed already and double posting is not allowed, the only things I can do are either using another app builder or waiting for the next build.

Because now you can’t point out every single mistake on the community without it being off topic. Anyway, answer @Conor’s question!

This should be a Future’s… . :point_down::point_down:

Custom Design Listview with recycle

Oh sorry I forgot that. It has been a few months since I have used Kodular.

This Component is there in kodular

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this will be great

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also this for making hsa and vsa i need it

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