Kodular failed to compile the project, stuck at "Compiling source files"


There are a lot of reasons why you can not compile. Did you search the community. We have a lot of topics. Search for AAPT. Tell more about the app you are making. Large assets, extensions, etc etc.

I have no warnings in block codes .
Searching for AAPT gives internal server error

You didn’t give any further info so it would be guessing. If you give more info we maybe are able to help you.

The aia file is total 212 kb. It is an educational app with four screens . I don’t get it is the application heavy .

extensions? icon size? You see it is good to give all the info you can? Or you post your aia here.

only used extended webviewer and 3 lotties. I I have already published it to google play. It was compilling fine . After 7th time of updating i am getting this error

What did you change?

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I used a noConnection extension which I deleted

search for “Compiling source files”


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Thanks @Peter @Taifun @Jai_sankar_E . I think there was some error in block codes which i couldn’t rectify. Luckly I had a saved project . Made some changes and it’s working.


There are many possibilities which lead to your problem. There are also many solved topics related to “compiling source files”. For example:

You might have added a project (.aia) instead of an extension (.aix)