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How about if we could test it on the test (beta) server beforehand?


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Sound Recoder - bug

This simple app doesn’t work with the APK on Android < 11, because WRITE permission is not declared in the Manifest.

So again, for the fourth time:
:exclamation: Declare READ on all android versions and WRITE up to Android 10.

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Video Player - bug - Play from assets

The Video_Player doesn’t play videos from the assets with the APK.

This bug is still present since July 2019. :upside_down_face:

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Many storage permission bugs / issues can be fixed if these permissions are correctly declared in the Manifest. Here’s an extension that does it:

Whether the permissions are then automatically requested depends on the respective components and must be checked (with the APK).

So if you found a permission problem, use this extension and report back if the problem persists.


Image component - Bug - WRITE must be declared incorrectly even on Android 11+

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Hi, they removed the return block. "if Load " “if show” for banner . This feedback was important to make the advertisement box visible only if advertisement does not occur errors. If propafganda is not loaded, there is a void in the middle of the app

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Please use the Failed To Load block to hide the banner if there was a no fill. We have removed some methods and events previously available in AdMob components to deter click-to-earn apps.

Ok, I implemented this block, where it tries to load the ad once again in case there is an error. or Then for the second time make banner invisible.

Yes, this should work well.

is the error Error 201 After Update 1.5.5 (Camera did not return an Image) - #20 by Anu10 listed on the weekend fix?

Not yet, we’re still working on it

Kodular update date

Player component │bugs, issues - 1.5.5 Update │ Shared folders

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Button image stays on the screen even I make its visibilty false. I mean its space disappear but image stays in the background.


test1.aia (25.3 KB)

This bug has been on Kodular for years and I doubt it will ever get fixed…


… as well as some others … :woman_shrugging: :wink:


I remembered when I suffered with this bug years ago. You can find a workaround in the link sent by Boban.

Please Fix it fast. I’m eagerly waiting for this.