When will these bug updates arrive?

I noticed that a new update has arrived but some bugs still remain, I would like some positioning from the Kodular team.

1 - Error 908 : The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. ( I can only solve it by editing the manifest, but it is not feasible to do this every time. )

2 - Bug in app screen positioning as soon as a new screen is opened. ( No temporary solution )

if anyone else has a bug, comment here.

Is it happening in all android versions?

After the update , the compiled APK is installing or throwing any error upon installing?

Installed successfully on my andoird 11​:white_check_mark::pray:

i have the same problem, i can install it on android 11. but not on android 12

only happens on Android 11+, earlier versions don’t.

the apk continues to install normally, but it has this error, and to resolve it I have to manually edit the manifest.

this error exists before the update, I thought it would be solved with update, but it remains the same.

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Which components and extensions are you using?
How did you set the Default File Scope property in Screen1?


I made a file from scratch just to test this error, it doesn’t happen because of extensions, I used native kodular.


versions older than Android 11 work fine.

works normal on 11+ by changing the manifest, but I think it’s not a permanent solution, just a temporary one.


Try to set the default file scope to Legacy


the same error still appears.

this is what is causing the problem, adding to the project and not using it causes the error anyway.
excluding return to normal.

Install successfully on my Android 12 :white_check_mark:

my app installs normally, it only shows error when starting the screen if using the image editor.

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